Book review: “How to Sell a Haunted House” by Grady Hendrix

Grady Hendrix’s latest novel, "How to Sell a Haunted House," is a haunting and emotionally charged story that explores the themes of death, grief, and inheritance. The novel is centred around Louise, a single mother who returns to her childhood home in San Francisco following the death of her parents and brother. As she inherits the property and begins the process of cataloging and disposing of her loved ones' belongings, she discovers that the house is haunted by something that might be tied to their deaths and has roots deep in the family's long-buried history.

5 Book series review: ‘Wayward Children’ by Seanan McGuire

With doors opening for unusual children from all over Earth, McGuire rightly shows the true rainbow of identities that would be represented, and in turn gives us a mirror to hold up to ourselves. She extends Eleanor West’s Home, and the promise of better worlds, to everyone who feels that they don’t belong. Read this series, or else forever know that you've missed out on something special.

Book review: ‘Fear of flying’ by Erica Jong (NSFW)

‘Fear of flying’ has shown me that we - real women - are not the ones that are broken. It shines a light on how impossible it can feel to be a woman, and on how biased and constructed our points of reference against which to measure ourselves have been since we were children. As D. H. Lawrence says: “The real trouble about women is that they must always go on trying to adapt themselves to men’s theories of women.”