A week like this

Yes, this week has been busy. I’ve been on a shoot, I’ve been to Southampton and back. I’ve re-visited and re-assessed myself.

It’s been busy, but I could have had time to write – to write, something.

I wanted to write a book review this week. I read 70% of ‘Let me not be mad’ by A. K. Benjamin, and couldn’t finish it. I read 90% of a book that sits in my bag and that I was reading just YESTERDAY but I can’t remember the title, the author or even a strip of what it was about. I can’t concentrate.
Edit: I looked it up – it’s called ‘Less’ by Sean Greer. I was really looking forward to reading that one too.

I couldn’t write because this week, I couldn’t really do anything but work. Sometimes on days like that, I write reams and reams but not this week.

So this is what I’m putting here instead. To remind myself that a little is better than nothing at all. That nothing has to be perfect, or finished. That I can spit some thoughts onto a blog post and that’s valid too. And I’m going to make it public because I’m sure other people have these weeks too, and that’s OK.

Next week will be better.

PS. Enjoy the current track for my melting brain

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